120 thousand passengers leave Kuwait within a week
Image Credit: Al-Rai

Kuwait City, July 18: Kuwait International Airport regained some of its old movement during the summer vacation that accompanied the Eid al-Adha holiday, as the travel movement began to rise with the expected departure of about 120,000 passengers this week, the forefront of whom were about 11,000 who left yesterday on board 70 flights to multiple destinations east and west.

With life returning to normal in many countries after easing some passenger procedures imposed as a result of the Corona pandemic, the movement of passengers at Kuwait International Airport rebounded after thousands of people packed their luggage, according to the flight schedule, which recorded 420 flights during the blessed Eid Al-Adha holiday.

“Al-Rai” surveyed the situation at Kuwait International Airport yesterday, to find out the movement of departure, as it witnessed the work regaining some of its vitality, especially in the luggage weighing halls, and it met the observer of the Operations Department at the General Administration of Civil Aviation Habib Bou Abbas, who confirmed that all concerned authorities raised the case Preparedness and readiness by mobilizing all airport facilities, to facilitate the departure of passengers and to overcome all obstacles and provide all facilities according to a plan that was previously developed in accordance with integrated health precautions.

Bouabbas told Al-Rai that “Kuwait International Airport witnessed the departure of 11,000 passengers on 70 flights on Saturday morning, and that the total number of passengers (according to the flight schedule) reached about 120,000 passengers on about 420 flights,” noting that ” Most of the destinations were to Turkey, Dubai, Doha, Saudi Arabia, and to some European countries for the purpose of tourism or visiting family and loved ones.”

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He pointed out that “what the airport is witnessing in terms of departure movement is a revival of the travel movement, after it stopped due to the pandemic of the Coronavirus crisis, but during the summer of this year, after easing the procedures of many countries for travel restrictions, we witnessed a remarkable turnout for travelers, especially since the departure movement is not linked to a percentage of Specific to passengers or flights, and there are many companies that are operating many additional flights, too many destinations due to the increasing demand for travelers’ desire.”

And he indicated that “the General Administration of Civil Aviation at Kuwait International Airport is committed, in accordance with procedures, to determine the percentage of passengers returning to Kuwait, not to exceed 5,000 passengers only. As for departure, it is not linked to a specific percentage.”

He stated that the travel movement witnessed a noticeable increase after many citizens and residents were vaccinated with one or two doses and that Kuwait International Airport adheres to health requirements, in terms of the traveler being registered in the “Kuwait Passenger” program, in addition to attaching a PCR certificate and health insurance as required by some countries.

Bouabbas concluded that “there are measures that have been taken at Kuwait Airport, by preventing the entry of depositors with travelers, to ensure that there is no crowding in the airport halls, and to ensure social distancing, in addition to obligating everyone to wear a muzzle, and take temperature measurements at the entrance gates, and carts were provided. Especially for the elderly and people with special needs, and taking into account the circumstances of some sick cases for passengers.”


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