“WhatsApp” will allow voice & video calls to be made on the computer version 2021

Tech News: A Facebook spokesperson said that the “WhatsApp” application will allow its users to make voice and video calls in the computer version next year.

In this step, it will place the application among the major video calling applications, such as “Zoom” and “Google Dead”.

WhatsApp is considered one of the largest communication applications in the world, and is used by at least two billion people in various countries.


WhatsApp said it had already launched the video and audio communication feature for some users of the computer version of the application as a trial.
The outbreak of the Coronavirus this year increased the demand for communication applications, especially since millions have worked from their homes.

In light of the intense competition between applications, Zoom said that it canceled the limitation of the length of calls through its application, during the holidays, which did not exceed 40 minutes.

Source: Al- Anbaa


Adil Khan

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