WhatsApp is postponing the amendment of the application’s terms of service following user protests

whatsapp-is-postponing-the-amendment-of-the-applications-terms-of-service (1)
whatsapp-is-postponing-the-amendment-of-the-applications-terms-of-service (1)

WhatsApp owned by Facebook has decided to postpone the amendment of its new terms of service and Policies due to protests from users who expressed concerns about the breach of privacy.

And also in the lead of the encouragement to move to other platforms like Signal, Telegram, Bip, and many other messaging platforms.

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As we know in recent events that happened after WhatsApp new terms and services will force users to share their data with Facebook otherwise they are not able to use WhatsApp from next month Feb 8, 2021.

In the light of new policies users around the world are angry and concerns about their data. In some countries, leaders said their country people to shift other alternate platforms like Bip.

So, finally, Facebook-owned WhatsApp company had decided to postpone its New terms and services due to large number of users shifted other platforms.

By this WhatsApp new policies Facebook helps other platforms to gains millions of new users on their platform and other major beneficiaries are Signal, Telegram and Bip.

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