Warnings against using headphones for a long time

With the tremendous technical development, our lives have become filled with countless risks due to the use of modern devices, among them earphones, which have increased in sales at a great pace recently, as Apple alone sold about 100 million sets of “AirPods” during the year 2020.

At a time when this type of device has become an essential part of the daily life of many people, the voices of specialists have begun to warn of its harm, and among the medical warnings is recent research published by the Australian website The Conversation.

According to the new research, prolonged use of wireless headphones inside the ear can cause problems and affect earwax.


The production of earwax, also known as cerumen, is a normal process in humans and many other mammals, and there should always be a thin layer of wax near the opening of the ear canal. The wax is a waterproof, protective secretion that moisturizes the skin of the outer ear canal.

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It also prevents infection, providing a barrier to insects, bacteria, and water.


Earwax is formed by the secretions of the sebaceous glands and sweat glands secreted by hair follicles, which in turn trap dust, bacteria, fungi, hair, and dead skin cells to form the wax.

In this process, the outer ear canal resembles an escalator system, in which the wax is always moving outward, a mechanism that prevents the ear from filling up with dead skin cells.

Natural jaw movements also help the wax come out of the ear, and once the wax reaches the end of the ear, it simply falls out.


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