iPhone 13 Prices in Kuwait starting with 240 Dinars

iPhone 13 Prices in Kuwait: As every year, electronics companies in the local market began preparations to be the first to launch the new iPhone 13 devices, which the American company Apple announced the day before yesterday.

iPhone 13 Prices in Kuwait (13 Series)

ModelsGB’SPrices In Kuwait
iPhone 13 mini128 GBKWD 240 Approx (Stock Shortage in Kuwait)
iPhone 13128 GBBlue, Pink, Midnight, Starlight Colors – 262.500 KD
Red – 259.500 KD
256 GB 299.900 KD – (All Colors)
512 GB349.500 KD – (All Colors)
iPhone 13 Pro 128 GB364.900 KD – (All Colors)
256 GB 404 KD – (All Colors)
512 GB470 KD – (All Colors)
1 TB499.500 KD – (All Colors)
iPhone 13 Pro Max128 GB399.500 KD – (All Colors)
256 GB418.500 KD – (All Colors)
512 GB490.500 KD – (All Colors)

Note: Prices is not same in all stores. It can change little differences in prices based on their offers.


Important Points:

  • iPhone 13 price starts at 290 dinars and “ Mini” with 290, “Pro” with 365 and “Pro Max” for 399.
  • Renault Ragin: offering capacities of 1 TB to attract businessmen and owners of companies.
  • Prices of “iPhone 13 Pro” and “Pro Max” 1 terabyte may exceed 20% of the announced price.
  • Prices is not same in all stores. It can change little differences in prices based on their offers.
  • The new phones feature diagonal rear camera lenses, a brighter screen, and a longer battery life.

Company officials indicated that the pre-order for “iPhone 13 mini”, “iPhone 13”, “iPhone 13 Pro” and “iPhone 13 Pro Max” will be tomorrow Friday and that it will be available in the market starting from September 24, noting that the first days To put it on, you will witness a decrease in the required quantities, as is the custom every year, which will lead to higher prices than those set by “Apple”.

iPhone 13 series Features

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For his part, the director of phone sales at Best Al-Yousifi, Reno Rajen, expected the first quantities of the “iPhone 13” series to arrive on September 24 and 25, suggesting that a large demand for the azure blue color that was introduced by “Apple” for the first time this year.

He stated that the launch of the “iPhone 13 Pro” and “iPhone 13 Pro Max” with a capacity of 1 TB comes from Apple’s keenness to attract businessmen and company owners to buy these two products, noting that the prices of this category may increase by about 20% in the first days of the year. The prices approved by the American brand, which amount to $ 1699 (510 dinars) for the “iPhone 13 Pro” and $ 1799 (540 dinars) for the “iPhone 13 Pro Max”, meaning that their local prices will reach about 610 and 650 dinars, respectively, especially in light of The expected shortage in the quantities available in the local market.

First quantities


For his part, the CEO of “Telef 2000”, Qassem Obaid, stated that the first quantities of the new “Apple” devices are expected to reach the Kuwaiti market, starting from the 24th of this month from Dubai, which is the closest market to Kuwait, indicating that the electronics companies Devices are usually imported from the United States of America and Hong Kong, in addition to Dubai.

Obaid explained that prices in the Kuwaiti market will start from 240 dinars for the “iPhone 13 mini”, 270 dinars for the “iPhone 13”, 340 dinars for the “iPhone 13 Pro”, and 370 dinars for the “iPhone Pro Max”, for 128 GB capacities, provided that Prices increase by 30 dinars for each device, including 256 GB capacities, and 60 dinars for 512 GB capacities. It is expected that prices will be higher on the 24th of this month in light of the likely race between customers to buy new devices and the double quantities that reach the local market in the first three days of its launch Officially in stores.

New generation


And “Apple” revealed the day before yesterday about the new generation of its series of smartphones for this year, which included “iPhone 13”, “iPhone 13 mini”, “iPhone 13 Pro” and “iPhone 13 Pro Max”, as well as the launch of the seventh generation. Among its watches, “Apple Watch Series 7”, the first development of “iPad mini”, and many other products.

The new series of phones looked similar to the “iPhone 12”, with a different shape of the rear camera lenses, to become diagonally rather than vertically, and the “iPhone 13” devices also included faster chips and improved camera systems.

iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini deliver ultra-fast performance and energy efficiency thanks to the A15 Bionic chip, longer battery life, a brighter Super Retina XDR display, and durability with the Ceramic Shield interface, in addition to doubling the space Storage to start with 128 GB, water-resistance rated “IP68”, and advanced “5G” experience.


The new devices are available in 5 colors, which are black, blue, pink, white, and red.

The iPhone 13 features an all-day battery that saves up to two and a half hours more than the iPhone 12, while the iPhone 13 mini saves up to an hour and a half more per day than the iPhone 12 mini.

iPad mini…80 percent faster


The iPad mini comes with an 8.3-inch, four-color Liquid Retina display, and an all-new A15 Bionic chip, delivering up to 80 percent faster performance than the previous generation.

The new USB-C port provides faster connectivity, and cellular models with 5G technology provide more flexibility for mobile tasks, while new advanced cameras, a “centre” pattern and support for Apple Pencil (2nd generation) offer new ways to users.

The screen design that covers the entire interface has been enhanced by a moving “Touch ID” sensor built into the top button of the “iPad mini”, and the “Touch ID” sensor allows the same ease of use, and the new “iPad mini” also supports the “Apple Pencil” (2nd generation). which is magnetically attached to the iPad mini for wireless charging and pairing.


“iOS 15”… improves the experience

iOS 15 improves the iPhone experience by providing new ways to stay connected and powerful features that help users focus, explore, and do more with smart on-device technology.

FaceTime calls are made more automatic thanks to spatial audio and a new Portrait mode. New focus features help users reduce distractions, while notifications have been redesigned, while Live Text uses on-device smart technology to recognize texts within images. and allow users to take whatever action they want about it.


Apple Maps introduces new ways to navigate and explore the world through a new 3D city driving experience and provides them with walking instructions using augmented reality.

Meanwhile, the Weather app has been redesigned to offer full-screen maps and more weather graphs, while the Wallet app adds support for home keys, new privacy controls for Siri, Mail, and more places within the system to protect user information.

The black market raises prices


Obaid confirmed that the expected rise in prices in the first period of launching new iPhone products comes in light of the competition of customers in the Kuwaiti market to be among the first carriers of the “iPhone 13” in the world, noting that this factor pushes companies to increase their prices, in light of the high cost of shipping on them. And the existence of a black market to sell devices from outside the official channels approved by “Apple” at prices much higher than those set by the American company.

“APPLE WATCH Series 7”…more durable

Apple unveiled the seventh generation of its smartwatch, which is close in design to the previous generation, except that it will be slightly thinner, with a better battery, faster charging, and water resistance.


The “Apple Watch Series 7” is considered the most durable ever, according to “Apple”, and it has a stronger and more scratch-resistant crystal interface. It is the first “Apple Watch” to obtain the “IP6X” certification in dust resistance, and it is water-resistant to a depth of 50 meters.

watchOS 8 helps users stay healthy, active, and connected with new types of exercise, mindfulness apps, innovative ease-of-use features, more capabilities with Apple Wallet, greater capabilities with the Home app, and improvements to the Messages and Photos apps.

The “Apple Watch Series 7” comes in 5 beautiful colors for the aluminum case, along with a range of new colors and designs for the straps. It will be available on the market this fall.


Apple investors lost $25 billion

The unveiling of the “iPhone 13” phone was met with a decline in the company’s stock, in line with the tradition of the poor performance of stock prices on the day the devices are revealed.

The tech giant’s shares sank after company executives, including CEO Tim Cook, introduced the new lineup of phones and other devices.


The stock fell by more than 1 percent to close at 148.12 dollars in New York trading.

According to Al Arabiya.net’s calculations, Apple’s market value lost about $25 billion during Tuesday’s trading.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the iPhone 13 128GB price in Kuwait?

The price of an iPhone 13 128GB in Kuwait will be 270 dinars. And 256GB price will be 300 KD, 512GB Price will be 330KD.


What is the iPhone 13 mini 128GB price in Kuwait?

The price of an iPhone 13 mini 128GB in Kuwait will be 240 dinars. And 256GB price will be 270 KD, 512GB Price will be 300KD.

What is the iPhone 13 Pro 128GB price in Kuwait?

The price of an iPhone 13 pro 128GB in Kuwait will be 340 dinars. And 256GB price will be 370 KD, 512GB Price will be 400KD.

iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB price in Kuwait

The price of an iPhone 13 pro 128GB in Kuwait will be 370 dinars. And 256GB price will be 400KD, 512GB Price will be 430KD.


Disclaimer: All the prices you seen in this article may change at the time you read this article. Please watch updated Prices on above table. We (Mykuwaits writters) always keep update prices in the Price table above.

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