How to find lost android smartphone and erase phone data easily with these simple steps android phone tips and hacks

It happens many times that we lose our phones. Many times, we keep forgetting that the phone was kept by keeping it at home, and many times, unfortunately, we lose our phone during travel or shopping.
You can search for a lost phone at home by ringing it with a paired smartwatch or any other phone, but the situation worsens when either you leave your phone outside or you are alone in the house and the phone is lost.
Let’s do it. To deal with such a situation, we will tell you the simple trick using which you can sound the alarm on your phone, you can display the message.

You can even remotely lock your phone and you can also delete all the data of your phone if the privacy of the phone’s data does not fall into any wrong hands. Google provides an easy process so that you can locate your lost phone on the map. Google’s Find My Device allows users to lock lost phones, protect them with passwords or patterns. With this, the data of your phone does not go into the wrong hands.

You can even display the message on the lost phone so that the person receiving the phone can read the message and contact you. This service also allows you to delete the data for the security of your phone’s data. With this, you can make the mobile useless for anyone else by triggering device protection rendering.

How to use this service:


There are some necessary conditions to use this service.

>>For example, in a lost phone, you must be logged in with Google’s account.

>>Your phone’s data must be on or connected to WiFi, the location setting of the device must be turned on.

>> Along with this, your Find My device settings should also be turned on. If all the settings mentioned are on, then we will now tell you some easy steps so that you will be able to use this service easily.

Go to and login to the device, login in here with your Google account.

After logging in, your phone will appear on the top left side, and the details of the device such as the battery and when was the last time the phone was online.

With this, the location of your mobile will appear on the map. If your mobile is off, then the last location of the mobile will be seen when the phone was on.

When your phone is locked, go to that place and select the option of sound play, which will alarm your phone for 5 minutes continuously, even if your phone is in silent mode.

If your phone is being shown in an unknown area, then you do not go there yourself, instead, you contact the police and give your phone serial number and IMEI number. You can get your serial number and IMEI number on your phone box.

You can lock your phone using the Secure Device option. If your phone does not have a lock code or pattern, then you can also set it on the phone.

You can even display the message on your lock screen to get the phone that they can contact you.

Apart from all these, you can select the Erase Device option and delete all the data on your phone, so that the privacy of your data remains secure.

If your phone is offline then this service will not work, but the data erasing will start again as soon as your phone comes online again.

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