Harassment in Google’s Office! 500 employees wrote a letter to CEO Sundar Pichai

The comments on this matter have not been revealed by Google yet.

Amy Nietfeld, who previously worked as an engineer at Google, put sarcasm in her opinion piece written in “The New York Times” that the man harassing me still sits next to me.

Sunder Pichai, CEO of the legendary tech company Google (Google) and Alphabet, 500 employees of the company wrote requested letters, complaining about the ongoing harassment in the Google office, not taking any actions against the harassers, and fail to provide peace to the workers.

In fact, Emi Nietfeld, who previously worked as an engineer at Google, in her Opinion piece written in “The New York Times”, asked her to have a one-on-one meeting with the man. He was forced, he used to bother her. Only after Amy’s Opinion piece did the matter catch on.


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Amy also wrote

Amy also wrote in her opinion piece that the man harassing me still sits with me. My manager told me that while talking about HR not changing his desk, he said that he should either work from home or go on holiday.


However, till now no official statement has been issued by Google on this nor has been given any clarification in this whole matter.

In a letter written by Sundar Pichai, the staff said that despite more than 20,000 employees of Alphabet protesting against harassment and giving protection to the harassed person, there was no change in Alphabet and it followed Google’s rules has been wasted.

The person complaining about the harassment is forced to bear the barrenness. After which the person who is upset gives the office, but Daishi remains there or he is rewarded for his actions.


The workers also wrote that the employee of Alphabet wishes to work in such an environment, they should be free from harassment. The company should take care of the safety of their workers, giving priority to the concern of the victims.

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