Apple introduces a new iPad and a modern iMac

The American company Apple revealed, in the first event to launch new products during 2021, about a new and varied package, which came in the forefront of the new iPad Pro, which is described as a “superhero”, according to {Forbes}.

The company, the largest in terms of market value, announced a new technology through which it can connect things to the GPS system, and it works exactly like the Find My iPhone feature, known as AirTags, which is expected to be put up for sale on April 30th, at a cost of $ 29 per tracker.

And Apple pointed out that “the new model of the iPad Pro will be supported by 5G technology, and it will be available for pre-order on April 30th, to be shipped in late May.” She noted that it contains a 12-megapixel front camera, with an extremely wide lens that can move automatically, in a way that keeps the focus on human elements.


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Also, the new iMac devices were announced with a new design, different and new colors. The new iMac came with a better camera, great improvements in sound and a new Apple processor with a smaller size than the previous version.

Tim Cook talked about minor “important” updates in Apple’s “Podcast” app, including the ability to subscribe to any podcasts by paying a sum of money.


Adil Khan

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