Apple discontinued homepod without replacement
Apple discontinued homepod without replacement. Image Source [email protected]
  • With the HomePod, Apple wanted to turn the speakerphone market upside down. But the Siri speaker was too expensive and remained a niche phenomenon. Now production is stopped – and hopes are on a different product.

Tech News: Apple presented the HomePod in the summer of 2017 on the occasion of the Worldwide Developers Conference. The HomePod is the first smart speaker from Apple and is intended to set itself apart from the competition thanks to its sound quality. 

Reviews confirm this, but initially criticize the capabilities of Apple’s voice assistant Siri compared to the competition. Over the years, Apple continued to improve Siri so that the HomePod could catch up with the competition.

Compared to other smart speakers, the HomePod is very expensive at 329 euros – and various reports and market analyzes suggest that the HomePod is definitely not a best seller due to its high price. 


In November, Apple presented the HomePod mini at a price of 99 euros – and has since struggled with delivery problems. This suggests that the little brother of the original HomePod is being very well received by the market.

Original HomePod will be discontinued

Apple has just announced to TechCrunch that the original HomePod will be discontinued without replacement. The HomePod mini is a gigantic hit, according to Apple. One will now concentrate completely on the development of the HomePod mini and delete the original HomePod from the program. 

The HomePod without a name suffix will still be sold as long as stocks last and will continue to receive software updates and repairs via Apple Care – but a direct successor is not planned.


Already sold out

The Space Gray variant has not been available in the USA for a few days – the rumor mill initially assumed that Apple was planning to introduce a successor to the original HomePod. 

So far, no source has anticipated the direct discontinuation of the HomePod – many had expected an update of the HomePod three years after the market launch.


In Germany, both model variants are available in the Apple Store and it is not known how large Apple’s stocks are.


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