Sergio Ramos breaks down in tears as he bids farewell to Real Madrid

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos, 35 Age, broke down in tears as he bid farewell to Real Madrid supporters during a press conference today, describing his departure from the club as the most difficult decision in his career.

Ramos played 671 games for the royal team and his name will remain written in golden letters in the history of the club, which led him to winning the Spanish championship five times and the Champions League four times.

Ramos decided to leave because there was no agreement with the club’s board of directors to renew his contract, which expires on June 30, and thus he will become a free player as of July 1.


Ramos and Real Madrid president Florentino Perez made two brief statements while honoring the player in one of the club’s training center rooms, in the presence of the Ramos family.

The moment has come, perhaps the most difficult moment in my life because you don’t really want to leave Real Madrid,” Ramos said.

The club’s supporters supported me in good and bad times,” he added. I was hoping to say goodbye to them on the field.”


He continued, “A wonderful era is being closed and it was unique in my life, but an exciting page will begin and I will enter it with a great desire to highlight my talent for many years to come.”

He expressed his desire to win “more titles”, referring to what he is doing today, “not goodbye, but see you later because I will return to Real Madrid sooner or later.”

On the other hand, Peres considered that Ramos’ departure “is not an easy day”, recalling his contract with his defender from Seville when he was nineteen years old for 27 million euros.


“He arrived at the club and wanted to challenge everyone,” Peres added, describing Ramos as “without a doubt one of the club’s legends. You have developed as a player here and become our symbol captain for many years.”

Ramos suffered a lot of injuries last season, specifically in his right thigh and left calf, Covid-19, and finally in the posterior muscle of his left thigh, and he has played only 5 matches since the beginning of 2021.

During the past season, Ramos played 21 games in various competitions, which is the lowest number of matches in the 15 seasons he spent with the club.


The future destination of Ramos is not yet known.

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