Do you remember the boy who said, “Brother, kill me?” He’s back now, look what he said


Anything that goes viral on social media is made into a meme. An example of this was during the last World Cup match. After India’s defeat to Pakistan, the video of a boy saying “Oh brother, kill me” went viral. Now another video of the same boy has surfaced.

India had beaten Pakistan in the 2019 World Cup. Meanwhile, Pakistan’s players were heavily criticized for their poor performance. 

The video of a Pakistani fan getting emotional and saying “kill me” went viral. Then I made a meme of his dialogue and the same meme started appearing everywhere.


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The name of this fan is Momin Sakib. Momin was very emotional when India defeated Pakistan in the last World Cup. So not only did he express anger at the Pakistani players but it also showed his love for cricket.


Although he spoke angrily, he was very sincere. He was crying as he spoke. That’s what people liked and Momin went viral.

Now, on Sunday, India and Pakistan will face each other. All the cricket fans are eagerly waiting for this match. This time, Momin said in the video that it is very important for Pakistan to win this match.

Besides, did he tell the audience that you are ready for such a match with a lot of these emotions? Such a question is also asked.


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