Kuwait Jet Ski team wins 8 golds and two silvers at the World Championships

Kuwait Jet Ski team

Kuwait City, Oct 11: The Kuwaiti national water bike racers concluded their participation in the 2021 World Aquabike Championships on Sunday, by adding two gold medals in the second round of the championship held in the US state of Arizona.

The contestant, Mohamed Bourbai’, won the gold in the “Pro GB” category for the senior professional category, thus maintaining the overall lead with the full mark in the competitions on the last day of the tour, while the runner Mohamed Al-Baz won the gold in the “Al Jalis” open marathon category for professionals.

The head of the Kuwaiti team for water bikes, Abdulwahab Al-Omar, said in a press statement today, Monday, that the results and the final outcome of the championship were satisfactory with 8 gold and two silver, and that the contestants sought and gave their best in the race to climb the podiums and raise the flag of their country high.


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He pointed out that “the players’ readiness, their good preparation and their mental presence in the race was the key to winning medals, especially in the major sporting events in which we seek to appear at a distinguished level worthy of the name of Kuwaiti sport.”

It is noteworthy that the championship was launched on the second of this month with the participation of 24 countries, and its competitions were concluded yesterday under the umbrella of the IJSBA Federation for Jet Skis.


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