Chelsea may lose its unvaccinated players in the second leg

The English football team, Chelsea, may have to leave any player who has not received a vaccination against the Corona virus, in the second leg of the Champions League round of 16 against Lille next March.

And the British news agency “YA Media” reported today, Thursday, that France has tightened its rules for the Corona virus, and now there is no exemption for professional athletes who wish to enter the country.


The European Football Association “UEFA” issued a statement today stating that teams will be required “in principle” to abide by the rules applicable in any country.

UEFA has yet to publish its updated rules for the knockout stages for its three men’s tournaments, stating that it will provide “further guidance”.

French President Emmanuel Macron said earlier that he wanted to “anger” unvaccinated people by restricting their presence in public places such as bars, cinemas and restaurants.


It seems unlikely that the European Union – headed by Alexandre Ceferin who has publicly supported vaccination – would undermine the French approach by insisting that matches be moved to neutral venues to circumvent the rules.

And any Chelsea player or member of the staff who is not a restaurant is expected to be treated as infected with the virus, and will be banned from traveling for the return match on March 16th.

The Premier League is consulting with clubs about changes to the criteria for postponements linked to the Corona virus, in the wake of a decrease in the number of infected people at clubs and in the general population.


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