Yogurt is susceptible to viruses including corona in diabetics



Hanan Abdel-Mabud

A consultant endocrinologist and head of the Kuwaiti Diabetes Association, Drs. Walid al-Dahi confirmed that the prevalence rate of diabetes in the Gulf region is very high and reached the highest level in the world.


He said that the best medicine for diabetic patients is to reduce exercise and eating.

In a press statement, on the occasion of the celebration of World Diabetes Day, Al-Dahi stated that there is a correlation between the severity of infection with diabetes and the virus due to the presence of defects in the immune process of some diabetes patients, a recommendation of the American Center Pointing out that diabetes is a part of the factors of infection including virus.

However, diabetic patients are those who are more sensitive to the severity of the injury, some of whom are obese, have a body mass rate of 40 or more, suffer from kidney failure, and who have heart disease, angina rectus, Clogged arteries suffer from the weakened heart muscle.


Irregular diabetes with more than 8% of pregnant women, pregnant women over 50 years of age, who treat insulin, and transplant patients.

Al-Dahi emphasized that these patients should wear masks if there is a physical disturbance, frequent hand washing, avoidance of gathering, not getting out of the house, and not at all necessary, and at all times out of the house.

He mentioned that lifestyle changes should be made for diabetic patients, including constant movement, reducing carbohydrates, and continuous diabetes checkups at home in addition to constant monitoring to lower blood pressure and know the health of body parts.


He points out that the World Diabetes Organization has chosen the slogan “Nurses are a difference for diabetics” to celebrate World Diabetes Day this year, indicating that the role of diabetes nurses or teachers is essential in treating the patient and they Diabetes are the focus of the treatment team.

He reported that, unfortunately, Kuwait has no job title for diabetes teachers, nor any preference for diabetics in the nursing profession, as they tend to follow the patient throughout the day and during official working hours Struggles occur while they make decisions that help the patient solve problems that are exposed to the disease.



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