Supreme Judicial Council approves promotion of members of judiciary and prosecution

The Supreme Judicial Council, headed by Counselor Ahmed Al-Ajil, approved the promotion of members of the judiciary and public prosecution to the rank of First Class Judge and Chief Prosecutor of Category “B”.

This approval comes after the promotion conditions have been met for each, in preparation for the emery decree to be issued to them from 1 April 2020, and the following are their names:

1- Ahmad Saleh Al-Umar, Judge of the First Division.


2- Imran Muhammad al-Kandari, judge of the first degree.

3- Muhammad Jasim al-Dakhil, judge of the first degree.

4- Abdullah Ghazi al-Samar, first class judge.


5- Muhammad Abdulaziz Al-Rabia, First Class Judge.

6- Abdul-Wahab Omar al-Mellili, judge of the first degree.

7- Abdulaziz Abbas al-Khayat, first class judge.


8- Abdullah Musa Abu Olayan, judge of the first degree.

9- Muhammad Haji Khudair Hazia, judge of the first degree.

10- Faisal Dahim al-Rashidi, First Class Judge.


11- Abdullah Khader Baron, First Class Judge.

12- Abdullah Salah al-Othman, judge of the first degree.

13- Hammud Misri al-Shami, Chief Prosecutor of “B”.


14- Talal Badr al-Azmi, First Class Judge.

15- Ali Hasan Shams El-Din, First Class Judge.

16- Muhammad Suleiman al-Sallal, judge of the first degree.


17- Yusuf Ibrahim Al-Assousi, First Class Judge.

18- Khalid Walid Al-Saqr, First Class Judge.

19- First-degree judge Yusuf Iss Saad al-Makhvi.


20- Farms Moses Barsali, First Class Judge.

21- Muhammad Salem al-Garib, First Class Judge.

22- Fahd Awad al-Daihani, judge of the first degree.


23- Suleiman Abdullah bin Yusuf is a first class judge.

24- Issa Muhammad al-Shatti, judge of the first class.

25- Ghazi Muhammad al-Mutairi, First Class Judge.


26- Omar Hussain Al-Attal, First Class Judge.

27- Waleed Khalid al-Shaheen al-Rabih, judge of the first class.

28- Suleiman Abdulaziz al-Ajiri, first class judge.


29- Hamad Ahmad al-Wazan, Judge of the First Division.

30- Dia al-Din Mustafa Noor Hussain, Chief Prosecutor for “B”.

31- Honey Ibrahim Abdel-Majid, Chief Prosecutor of “B”.


The Supreme Judicial Council also approved promotion of each of the following for the post of Public Prosecutor of Category “B”, till 21 March 2021:

1- Khalid Hasan Al-Anji, Attorney General “B”.

2- Ali Adel al-Hindal, Attorney General “B”.


3- Talal Sameer Al-Fulaiz, Attorney General “B”.

4- Abd al-Hadi Saad al-Hajri, Attorney General “B”.

5- Imran Sadiq Abd al-Rahim, Advocate for “B.”


6- Abd al-Muhsin Sobih Ghulam, Prosecutor for “B”.

7- Muhammad Azil al-Nashmi, Attorney General “B”.

8- Yusuf Yaqub al-Jalbi, Advocate for “B”.


9- Abdullah Khalid al-Jabar, Attorney General “B”.

10- Talal Abdul-Latif al-Duyaz, prosecutor for “B”.

11- Khalid Suleiman al-Sallal, Attorney General of “B”.


12- Yusuf Abdulaziz Al-Kandari, Attorney General of “B”.

13- Badr Nasir al-Majid, Attorney General “B”.

14- Dhari Saud al-Muteri, Attorney General “B”.


15- Abdullah Walid Al-Khalaf, Attorney General “B”.

16- Abdul-Mohsen Zaid al-Enezi, Attorney General “B”.

17- Abdullah Dukhin al-Adwani, Attorney General “B”.


18- Badar Anwar al-Mutwa, Attorney General “B.”

19- Abdul-Mohsen Khalid al-Hashem, Attorney General of “B”.

20- Faisal Muhammad Eid Salem Al-Ghanim, Attorney General “B”.


21- Ahmed Iyad Al-Awada, Prosecutor for “B”.

22- Hamad Khalid Al-Raghib, Attorney General (B).

23- Abdullah Ibrahim Al-Sanad, Attorney General “B”.


24- Fahd Makhtut al-Ajmi, Attorney General “B”.

25- Khalid Abdullah al-Zubi, prosecutor of “B”.

26- Mubarak Mashal al-Zamanan, Attorney General “B”.


27- Faisal Nawaf al-Daihani, Attorney General “B”.

28- Rashid Saad al-Hulala, Attorney General “B”.

29- Abdullah Lafi al-Azmi, Attorney General “B”.


30- Faraj Abdel Monim Sagir, Attorney General “B.”

31- Muhammad Fallah Al-Hajri, Attorney General “B”.

32- Abdullah Abdulaziz al-Makhvi, prosecutor of “B”.


33- Abdullah Najib Mulla Muhammad, Attorney General “B”.

34- Barak Imad Al-Osmi, Attorney General “B”.

35- Walid Ali Al-Azmi, Attorney General “B”.


36- Khalifa Jamal al-Khulfi, Attorney General “B”.

37- Abdulaziz Musa al-Suwalem, Attorney General “B”.

38- Mohammed Anwar Al-Dub, Attorney General (B).


39- Abd al-Rahman Muhammad al-Zamil, Attorney General (B).

40- Abd al-Wahab Zuma Booarki, Attorney General “B”.

41- Thamar Eid al-Thuvimer, Attorney General “B.”


42- Muhammad Nasir al-Omran, Attorney General “B”.

43- Waqian Najib al-Waqian, Attorney General “B”.

44- Abdulaziz Nasir al-Majid, Attorney General “B”.


45- Abdulaziz Syed Faisal al-Tabatabai, prosecutor for “B”.

46- Moaz Ibrahim al-Mulla, Attorney General “B”.

47- Badar Suleiman al-Dulazan, Attorney General “B”.


Source: Al-Jarida

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