Our Embassy in Japan celebrated the birth anniversary.

Our Embassy in Japan celebrated the birth anniversary.

Our Ambassador to Japan, Hassan Zaman, attended a ceremony that marked the 10th anniversary of the relay of the (Sanriku) railway line in Iwate Prefecture, northeast Japan, which was interrupted by the Great East Japan Earthquake and (Tsunami) Disaster. Country on 11 March 2011. Rehabilitation of the line and opening it with support and funding from Kuwait.

The embassy said in a statement to (KUNA) that thanks to the proceeds of the oil grant provided by Kuwait, on the orders of the late Amir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad, he could give five million barrels of crude oil to God, Atma can give, ((seriku) railway line has been reopened to the (Iwate) governor.


In turn, Ambassador Zaman insisted that the support provided by Kuwait to the Japanese people is nothing else but an expression of admiration for the friendship between the two friendly people and the honorable stance of Japan and its people, especially the brutal Iraqi war. Attack during

Ambassador Zaman said that the determination and perseverance of the Japanese people were the main motivation behind the reconstruction efforts that have been achieved since the disaster, along with his Japanese friends in the achievement of their great friends, Kuwait for their contribution Expressing respect. .

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Source: Al-Anbaa


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