| Kuwait’s wealth eclipses the relics of 9 new martyrs

Al-Ali: Martyrs set a great example in patriotism and redemption
• Bin Saad: The presence of a Saudi among the martyrs is the best evidence of the unity of fate

A new constellation of caravans of honor, honor and prestige and their immaculate remains were buried in the Sulebikhat cemetery, which today embraced 9 martyrs of Kuwait heroes, including a Saudi martyr whose remains were recovered from Iraq The number of martyrs who had gone had remained. , Which has so far reached 264.

In the condolence meeting, Interior Minister Thamer Al-Ali, Health Minister Drs. Basil al-Sabah, Minister of Education, Dr. Ali al-Mudaf, Minister of Information Abdul Rahman al-Mutairi, presented by the Sultan, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Bin Saad, Chief of the Army’s General Staff, Lieutenant-General Khalid al-Saleh, Undertaker General Ism al-Nahm of the Ministry of the Interior and many leaders of the Defense and Interior Ministry and many leaders from the families of the martyrs and crowds of civilians.


Interior Minister Sheikh Thamer al-Ali said, “We are proud of the funeral of a group of martyrs who sacrificed themselves for the sake of Kuwait and set a great example in patriotism and redemption, and recorded their names in the records of honor and valor They faced death with courage and valor for the sake of Kuwait and its people, as well as the blood of the Saudi martyr who sacrificed for the sake of Kuwait, this indicates the depth of the relationship between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, and we I congratulate you for the great honor that the righteous martyrs have won, and we ask God for their mercy and forgiveness.


For his part, the Saudi ambassador, Sultan bin Saad, who attended the funeral due to the presence of a Saudi martyr among the recent convoys of martyrs, “protect the homeland and religion by the depth and sacrifice of relations between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.” The protagonists indicate the depth of that relationship. We ask martyrs for mercy and forgiveness. We thank the efforts made by the Kuwait state to identify the remains of the martyrs.

Source: Al-Jarida


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