Ukraine Adds Kuwait In the list of ‘red’ Zone Country

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Ukraine’s Ministry of Health has updated its list of countries classified as ‘red’ and ‘green’ zones; taking into account the number of active cases of coronavirus per 100,000 population, reports Al-Qabas daily.

According to news website,Ukraine has increased the number of ‘red’ zone countries to 80. The additional ‘red’ zone countries are Namibia, Botswana, Moldova, Kuwait, Malaysia, Maldives and Eswatini; while Suriname was excluded from the list.

Popular countries like Poland, Hungary, Germany, Italy, France, USA, Canada and Great Britain remain in the ‘red’ zone for Ukrainian tourists.


Chief Sanitary Doctor Viktor Lyashko was quoted as saying that the government plans to complete five million inoculations every month once the vaccination campaign in Ukraine begins.“If we correctly assume the capabilities of our healthcare system, we will be able to complete approximately five million inoculations monthly; and that is excluding the rooms used for routine vaccinations,” he added.

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