The “Science Club” achieves third place in the major competition and wins 5 medals at the “Challenge and Innovation” forum in Qatar

The “Science Club” achieves third place in the major competition and wins 5 medals at the “Challenge and Innovation” forum in Qatar

The inventors of the Kuwaiti Science Club achieved third place in the major competition and five medals in the Challenge and Innovation Forum, which concluded its activities in Doha today, Thursday, with the participation of more than 100 inventors representing 38 Arab and foreign countries.

Kuwaiti inventor Hussain Bumajdad won the third place in the forum’s grand prize, which amounted to 50,000 riyals (13.7 thousand US dollars), and he also won the platinum medal in the individual competition for his invention (the emergency door opening tool).


In the individual competition, the inventor Salman Al-Otaibi won the gold medal for his invention (the mobile washing machine), the inventor Sheikha Al-Majed the gold medal for her invention (the pen for the blind to write and print letters in Braille), and the inventor Adel Al-Wasees the gold medal for his invention (the irrigation system), while the inventor Farah Al-Mutawa won the silver medal for Invented (Sail Safely).


For his part, inventor Bumajdad told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that his invention of a tool to open doors in emergency situations is an innovative tool that is used when people are detained inside closed rooms. Through this innovation, the door can be opened without breaking it within a few seconds in order to save people’s lives and protect property.

He added that his innovation obtained a patent certificate from the United States of America and certificates in the field of security and protection, pointing out that it is currently applied on the ground in the Civil Defense Department in Kuwait, Qatar and Oman, and was produced in Kuwait by the Kuwaiti Scientific Club, exported and used in a number of countries.


For her part, Al-Mutawa said in a similar statement to KUNA that her invention is a system on the cruiser that works to protect seafarers from emergency accidents that they may be exposed to by designing a magnetic card carried by the owner of the cruiser that carries his personal data and the data of the cruiser, which is sent to marine rescue in the event the passenger exits and returns from Sea.

She explained that this innovation protects the person during accidents of collision, drowning and fire, adding that due to the low cost of this innovation, the General Directorate of Fire and Maritime Rescue can circulate this system to all cruise owners to ensure the safety and security of passengers.

For her part, the inventor Al-Majed said in a similar statement that her invention of the blind pen to write and print letters in Braille helps the blind to write and relieves the pain of writing felt while using the traditional writing nail, which requires more effort to puncture the paper.


She mentioned that the pen is a sophisticated tool for the old writing nail, and it resembles a traditional pen, and the blind person holds it in his hand, and the palm is at a right angle and is pressed from the top with the thumb to write, pointing out that he had previously obtained a patent for it from the United States of America in 2008. Regarding the invention of the portable washing machine, the inventor Al-Otaibi said in a similar statement It is designed in a dynamic way that makes it easy for the user to store it in travel bags or in a backpack during the intercity or foreign trips.

Al-Otaibi indicated that the device consists of a main motor, solar panels and a charging battery as a power source for the motor, indicating that in case of use, the main part of the device expands, allowing it to contain the clothes to be washed with soapy water.

For his part, the inventor Al-Wasees said in a similar statement that his invention is a cold steam irrigation system by purifying salty and non-potable water and making it pure water free of salts through an empty tank of air to reduce the boiling point of water by using solar energy to raise the water temperature and gain the energy needed to work The system while irrigation is under the soil in special reservoirs.


For his part, a member of the Board of Directors of the Kuwaiti Scientific Club and head of the delegation, Ali Kazem Al-Juma, said in a similar statement that the club’s participation in this scientific event aims to motivate innovative youth to provide their best, encourage them, and highlight their projects.

He explained that the participation is the first external participation of the scientific club since the beginning of the pandemic of the virus (Corona emerging – Covid 19) and its challenges, but it was, thankfully, crowned with winning the grand prize and five medals, expressing his happiness for Kuwait’s presence in this important scientific forum to motivate and encourage inventors.

Al-Juma added that the forum is an opportunity to interact with different experiences from different parts of the world and learn about different innovations, stressing the science club’s keenness to participate in regional and international exhibitions specialized in inventions to provide an opportunity for Kuwaiti innovators to highlight their creativity and learn about modern inventions in the world as these exhibitions are important platforms for inventors to display their innovations and their work. As a marketable end product and not just a project or idea.


He stated that Kuwait has spared no effort in supporting inventors by providing the necessary capabilities to highlight their creativity, calling on Kuwaiti youth who find themselves talented to go to the Kuwait Science Club and benefit from the programs and ideas it offers to innovators to develop their skills.

The activities of the forum, which was organized by the Ministry of Sports and Youth represented by the Qatar Scientific Club, were held under the slogan (With the mind, we solve the problem) and lasted for five days as part of the activities of Doha, Capital of Culture in the Islamic World 2021.

Source: Al-Rai


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