The power was cut off to 80 apartments and shops in Hawalli Governorate

Dashti: We expect hundreds of violations to be detected in the coming period

Today, Wednesday, the judicial control team at the Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy cut off the power to 80 apartments and shops in Hawalli Governorate, after issuing violation records and proving a case of delivering the current to those apartments and shops in violation of the lack of electricity meters and the presence of additional loads on some of the meters.


The head of the seizure team, Adnan Dashti, said that “the team cut off the power to 80 apartments and shops after detecting violations represented in the conduction of the current without the presence of meters to calculate the value of consumption.”

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He explained that “the seizure team accompanies the teams of the customer services sector and the electrical distribution networks, which conduct a field survey of the meters of investment and commercial activities in the Hawalli Governorate to monitor any violations,” expecting “hundreds of violations and infringements on the electricity network will be monitored during the coming period.”

Dashti indicated that the ministry, represented by the judicial police team and technical teams working in various sectors of the ministry, was keen to monitor any abuses or infringements on the properties of the Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy.


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