The Ministry of Health is preparing a new list of countries with which direct flights are prohibited

Kuwait News: An informed source at Kuwait International Airport revealed to “Al-Qabas” that the health authorities are preparing a new list of high-risk countries that are not allowed direct flights to Kuwait, based on the study and analysis of the global epidemiological situation of the Coronavirus.

The source pointed out that the devices operating at the airport are waiting for the Ministry of Health to report on the assessment of the health status of these countries, so that some of them are placed on the list of high-risk countries, or the airlines are fully opened.

He continued, “In the event that a list of high-risk countries is drawn up by the Ministry of Health, those coming from them cannot enter the country on direct flights, except after spending 14 transit days in non-prohibited countries, and then they can enter the country, while adhering to the health requirements of those coming to the country.”


He stated that if some countries are removed from the list of high-risk countries by the Ministry of Health, airlines will be opened directly with them, with the application of health requirements and institutional quarantine.

The source indicated that the devices operating at the airport, in the event that the new list of high-risk countries is not received, will be forced to open lines directly with all countries, ruling out at the same time not to provide health to that list, especially in light of continuous communication with them.

Source: Al-Qabas



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