The “Manpower” organized a career day for 120 vacancies in insurance companies

The Public Authority for Manpower organized a career day, in cooperation with the Kuwait Insurance Federation, to provide 120 job opportunities in insurance companies.

The Deputy Director-General of the National Labor Sector at the authority, Abdullah Al-Mutawat, said, “The job opportunities are diverse and will serve the applicants, and we hope that this day will have diversity to give opportunities to more than one qualified,” noting that in the past job opportunities were with the banking and construction sectors, and now with the insurance sector. , to give the largest space and opportunities for university graduates and the needs of the labor market.


Al-Mutotah explained that “the Kuwaitiization rate in banks has exceeded 70 percent, and we are committed to this, but we are looking at the outcomes of education, so it is reflected in the companies we cooperate with according to market data, especially that graduates of insurance and statistics majors will take their chance in proportion to their qualifications in the job opportunities offered.” .

On cooperation with other sectors, he said, “We have a meeting soon with the Hotel Federation, where they are preparing statistics on job opportunities, and there will be a close meeting with the Federation in this regard.”

For his part, the Secretary-General of the Kuwait Insurance Federation, Adel Al-Rumaih, said that there are great opportunities and a need to employ Kuwaiti youth in insurance companies that need many and varied specializations. In these companies he gives personal experience and benefit from it in the future, indicating that the Kuwaiti insurance companies number about 30 companies, 12 of which participated in the job day.


For his part, the Director of the Guidance and Employment Department in the National Employment Sector in the Authority, Amin Al-Ayoubi, indicated that approximately 120 opportunities are provided from various university disciplines for experienced and recent graduates, in addition to qualifications for diploma and high school holders, pointing to coordination with the Hotel Federation to set up a career day. “In the past, a meeting was held with the Kuwait Hotels Association, but the sector was greatly affected by the Corona pandemic, and after life returned to normal, we are discussing and cooperating with this sector to Kuwaitiize some jobs in the hotel sector.”

Al-Ayoubi said that “the banks are the main partner with the Public Authority for Manpower in appointing national workers, as they are the first with whom we began the process of appointment in the establishment of job days and the (Because You Deserve) project that was established over a period of 3 years.”

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