The graduates of Kaifan High School… brought back memories of the past

The graduates of Kaifan High School for Curricula had a date with joy and happiness, in their annual gathering, the day before yesterday, after a two-year hiatus due to the “Corona” pandemic, where they regained the tape of study memories and the beautiful adventures of the past.

Issam Al-Rifai and Haitham Al-Othman succeeded in organizing the annual spring gathering for students of Kaifan High School, in the Julai’a area, in the presence of a large number of participants who spent a beautiful day. And the Kaifan High School team (team players and clubs) and an atmosphere of joy prevailed in the match, which witnessed funny situations, made even more beautiful by the commentary of the commentator Sheikh Khaled Al-Harban, who added an atmosphere of enthusiasm because of his famous comments that were well received by the audience. The match was followed by the organization of a popular “Al-Liwa Dance”, in which high school students participated, bringing back memories of the past and heritage, and the participants were honored and a group photo was taken.


The invitation’s owner, Issam Al-Rifai, said that “the aim of the gathering is to strengthen the bonds of love and friendship between the people of Kuwait, to communicate and to inspect the conditions of colleagues from Kaifan High School graduates.” He pointed out that “the gathering aims to create a bridge of permanent communication with a group of Kaifan graduates, and to organize a ceremony program that includes multiple paragraphs in which we bring back memories of the good time, communication and cohesion between high school students.”

Al-Rifai added that “the meetings were suspended for two years due to the (Corona) pandemic, but we were in constant contact with communications on a regular basis, and we decided to hold the gathering to meet and bring back memories of the past, and spend a beautiful time,” praising the efforts of everyone who contributed to the success of this meeting.

For his part, the other invitation, Haitham Al-Othman, expressed his great happiness, “with this blessed gathering, which includes a group of Kuwaitis, and a group of Kaifan High School students, to spend good moments and gather the children to continue carrying the flag in graduating generations. He added: “Everyone is happy with this good Friday and the elite of his teachers and colleagues, former or subsequent to him at Kaifan High School, after the passage of that era of time, and each of them assumed a high position, whether in the various ministries of the state, or in the private sector.”


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