The birth of the first child with antibodies to Corona

USA, Florida, March 17: A medical report reported the first case of a newborn child carrying antibodies to the Corona virus, after her mother received a vaccine several weeks before birth, in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Doctors discovered antibodies to “Covid-19” from the vaccine in the umbilical cord blood of the newborn after birth.

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The researchers said: More studies are needed to determine how maternal coronavirus vaccines can provide some protection for infants from the virus.

Two pediatricians in the city of “Boca Raton” in Florida documented the details of the results in an initial report this month, and it has not been reviewed yet by independent researchers, according to the American newspaper “The Hill”.

Doctors say that a frontline health care worker who was 36 weeks pregnant received her first dose of Moderna vaccine in January.


The mother gave birth to a healthy baby after three weeks, and the researchers obtained a blood sample from the umbilical cord of the child to search for antibodies, to determine whether it had passed from the mother to the child, which is what happens with other vaccines that are given during pregnancy as well.

Research suggests that the woman received the second dose after giving birth, according to a 28-day vaccination schedule.

┬áThe researchers concluded in their report that “the first known case of an infant carrying antibodies to the Corona virus was reported in the umbilical cord blood after the mother was vaccinated.”


The need for studies

“This is a small case in what will be thousands and thousands of children born to mothers who have been vaccinated during the next several months,” Chad Rudnick, the doctor involved in the research, told the “WBF” channel of the American network “ABC”.

The researchers emphasized the need for more studies, to determine how coronavirus vaccines given during pregnancy can provide some protection for infants from the virus.


The report recommended establishing records of pregnancy and breastfeeding, in addition to conducting studies on the efficacy and safety of “Covid-19” vaccines in pregnant and lactating women and their offspring.

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