Governmental sources told: The ban decision will be transferred to the next week

A government source told that a partial ban will not be approved this week
A government source told that a partial ban will not be approved this week. Image [email protected]

Kuwait City: Government sources confirmed that the partial ban is still on the cabinet table and resorting to it has not been excluded due to the poor epidemiological and health situation in the country.

The sources said that the Council of Ministers received from the Corona Committee a detailed report on the epidemiological situation and indicators of the spread of the virus, and several decisions will be taken in the cabinet session at the beginning of next week, and among the most likely decisions is the implementation of the ban.

She added that several government agencies, including the Interior, the National Guard, the Fire Service, and the media, prepared lists of the names of their employees in preparation for the ban decision as soon as it was approved.


The sources pointed out that the Council of Ministers will prepare a mechanism to arrange the reception of citizens in associations and others, noting that the recent lack of commitment has put the health authorities in the danger zone.

In the context, a security source familiar with al-Qabas informed that the field sectors of the Ministry of Interior are ready to implement the decisions of the Council of Ministers related to combating Corona, explaining that in the event of a total or partial ban, the security personnel are ready to implement it immediately.

The source said that the decision to completely seize field security sectors is still in effect; In anticipation of any emergency, and to face all possibilities and repercussions.


The source added that health security is a red line, and trespassers will not be allowed to violate the decisions of the Council of Ministers, pointing out that the instructions issued to the security men are clear and explicit to prevent gatherings, and whoever violates the legal procedures followed, and there are no exceptions regarding health security.

Source Al-Qabas


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