The “Applied” union formed its administrative body for the union year 2021-2022

The Secretary of the General Union of Students and Trainees of the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training Khalid Freij Al-Farij Al-Mutairi announced that the new administrative body of the union has received the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Abdul Karim Salman Al-Urayer, and Assistant Dean d. Salman Hajji, and the head of the technical office at the Deanship, a. Laila Majki, and the Head of the Department of Scientific Societies and Student Councils commissioned a. Ali Hussein Al-Mahdi at the union’s headquarters in Adailiya, noting that the former union president, Saleh Al-Jarki, was present at the meeting, and the union was handed over to the elected administrative body, after winning the last union elections with a total of 5053 votes to lead the union during the union year 2021/2022.

Al-Mutairi explained that the new administrative body of the union had met and the administrative positions were distributed. It came with the recommendation of Abdullah Muhammad Saeedan Al-Azmi as president of the union, Mishaal Mubarak Al-Zabani Al-Rashidi as vice president for General Union Affairs, Saud Fahad Ayed Al-Dhafiri as vice president for college affairs, Mansour Diab Al-Sarheed as vice president for academic affairs, Abdul Rahman Hamad Al-Hamidi Al-Harbi, Secretary-General of the Union, Falah Fahad Al-Sharif Al-Mutairi, Vice-President for Institutes Affairs, Abdulaziz Abdullah Al-Khalidi, Vice-President for Coordination and Follow-up and Head of the Sports Committee, Khalid Freij Al-Farij Al-Mutairi as Secretary, Raja Khaled Al-Baghili Al-Rashidi, Treasurer, Abdul Salam Sultan Al-Matrafi Al-Enezi as Head of the Student Committee and Executive Director For the Federation, Nawaf Ayyad Al-Janfawi Al-Shamri as Chairman of the Newcomers Committee, Shuaib Ahmed Al-Kandari as Chairman of the Cultural Committee and Chairman of the Religious Committee, Youssef Abdullah Al-Tamimi as Chairman of the Media Committee and Chairman of the Public Relations Committee, Fahd Abdul Rahman Al-Ansari as Chairman of the Programs and Activities Committee.

Representative Mubarak Al-Kajma

Al-Mutairi indicated that the positions of the female student committees were recommended by Sheikha Khaled Al-Muhareb, Vice President for Student Affairs, Bashayer Adel Al-Hajri, Head of the Updates Committee, Jawaher Muhammad Al-Saleh, Head of the Student Committee, Ihsan Noman Al-Rashed, Head of the Media Committee, and Fatima Muhammad Al-Azmi, Head of the Cultural Committee.

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