The American Ambassador 9,000 Kuwaiti students are studying in our universities
The American Ambassador 9,000 Kuwaiti students are studying in our universities. Image Source [email protected]

US Ambassador Alina Romanowski affirmed her country’s keenness to enhance cooperation in the field of education between the two countries to better prepare Kuwaitis in many fields, especially in the world of technology and business.

While Romanowski described to Al-Qabas education in her country as “the key” to preparing today’s youth for the world of tomorrow, she emphasized that studying in American educational institutions for Kuwaiti students is a starting point for success here in Kuwait because of the unique experiences and skills provided by American universities.

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She indicated her determination to cooperate with the Ministry of Higher Education saying, “I will work closely with the Minister of Higher Education Dr. Muhammad Al-Faris, who is an American graduate, to support Kuwaiti youth in pursuing world-class American education,” noting that her country’s universities are currently helping more than a million A student around the world for excellence in the future job market.

Educational collaboration

Romanowski explained that educational cooperation between the two countries is a reciprocal process. While many Kuwaiti students benefit from their time in America, the United States is also making use of the talents offered by Kuwait, hinting that the United States has been a leading destination for Kuwaiti students who want to pursue high-quality education. The first Kuwaiti student graduated from an American university in 1953, which paved the way for generations of Kuwaitis to pursue world-class higher education in America.


She stated that the total number of Kuwaiti students who pursue higher education in her country is currently about 9,000 students, more than 80% of whom are university students, and about 10% of them pursue higher studies in America.

She mentioned that the top five states in terms of the number of Kuwaiti students are: California, Florida, Arizona, Ohio and Alabama, pointing out that the most majors and fields that Kuwaiti students tend to study in American universities are engineering, computer science and business administration.

New initiatives


On cultural exchange, Romanowski referred to the participation of emerging Kuwaiti leaders and professionals in US exchange programs for more than 50 years, where they have established lasting relationships with their American counterparts, expressing her aspiration for new initiatives to improve educational and professional development opportunities for Kuwaiti students and young professionals.

Romanowski noted that the embassy runs a series of exchange programs in various fields, including professional development, business, civil society, sports, music, and the English language, noting that since 1966, Kuwaitis have participated in the International Visitor Program for Leadership (IVLP). It is the premier professional exchange program for the US State Department.

She indicated that more than 2,000 Kuwaitis have graduated so far from various US exchange programs, including government spokesman Tariq Al-Muzrim, Representative Abdul Karim Al-Kandari, and the Director General of the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Dr. Samira Omar and former Minister of Health Dr. Masouma Al-Mubarak, Deputy Director General of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences Dr. Salem Al-Hajraf, and colleague Daham Al-Qahtani.


An educational advisor

Romanowski said the US Embassy in the country is providing a designated education advisor to support local Kuwaiti students considering studying in the United States.

Cultural exchange programs


Romanowski explained that the Alumni Association of American Cultural and Educational Exchange Programs in Kuwait (AUSCA) was established in 2020 by alumni of the exchange programs of the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait with the aim of enhancing communication, professional development, and mentoring among exchange graduates in the United States, as well as maintaining lasting relationships between alumni and the embassy United State.


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