MOI: Thanks to citizens and residents for their spirit of responsibility


Kuwait City, Feb 27: The Minister of Interior, Sheikh Thamer Al-Ali, sent a message of thanks and appreciation to citizens and residents for their interaction and response to the decisions of the Council of Ministers regarding preventing gatherings and not going out in rallies during the occasion of celebrations of national holidays and the awareness and understanding he touched of them of the exceptional circumstances that the country is going through, praising the spirit of responsibility that he showed everybody.

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He also extended his thanks and appreciation to the men of the Ministry of Interior for their tangible presence in all regions of the country, for performing their duties with dedication and sincerity.


And for their presence in their workplaces away from their families during the holidays, expressing his happiness with the great cooperation he touched between the security men and the public.

Sheikh Thamer Al-Ali called on citizens and residents to understand the exceptional circumstances the country is going through and the need to continue to adhere to health requirements for the sake of the safety of all.

Source: Al-Anbaa


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