Strict rules expired driving license expats deported if caught

Strict rules expired driving license expats deported if caught
Image Credit: Al-Rai
  • An electronic link between “traffic”, “manpower”, and “residency affairs” to detect the “block”.
  • Any expatriate with an old, invalid license will not be able to renew his residence before handing it over.
  • Violators circumvent the law by using it and are punished with a fine of 5 dinars instead of deportation.
  • Circular Close to ban driving with the old license even if its validity continues.

Kuwait City, Oct 11: The Ministry of Interior’s tendency to find radical solutions to eliminate traffic jams in the country’s streets, security sources revealed to local media tendency to withdraw tens of thousands of expired licenses from residents, who continue to use them despite their expiry, in violation of the law.

The sources pointed out that many of these residents “circumvent the law to escape deportation, so that they continue to use the expired licenses, and they are punished with a fine of only 5 dinars when they are caught driving their vehicles because they are treated as people who have licenses, but they have expired, while in fact, the purpose for which they were granted has ended.” Those licenses, and therefore they should be treated as residents who do not have licenses, and their punishment is deportation in the event of driving a car and not a fine.”

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The sources said that “there are about 20,000 driving licenses granted to university students by exception to complete their studies, but most of them finished their studies and did not take the initiative to hand them over, which made the General Traffic Department place a (block) on them for not renewing them, and there are about 40,000 expatriates who obtained licenses.” Driving according to the available conditions, but with the change of their profession they lost one of the basic conditions “(a representative who turns into a salesman later)”.

They added that “many of these people drive their vehicles under expired licenses, and when caught, they are fined 5 dinars only, which made the General Traffic Department go to the link with the Manpower and Residence Affairs Authority so that no expatriate with a driver’s license can renew the residence except After making sure that there is no (block) on him in the (traffic system), and if there is (the block), he is obliged to hand over the expired license so that he can renew the residence.”

In an additional step of the “Traffic” within the framework of reviewing the files of those who were previously granted driving licenses to ensure that they comply with the conditions under which they were spent, the sources revealed that “a circular will be issued soon prohibiting driving the vehicle with the old license, even if its validity continues, and therefore the holder must By replacing it with the new one, in order to restrict counterfeiters who obtained driving licenses illegally or lost the conditions that allow them to obtain driving licenses.”


The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, Sheikh Faisal Al-Nawaf, had recently requested a study to stop issuing driving licenses to residents to reduce and legalize them and to put in place a new mechanism for granting them licenses.


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