Situation in Kuwait is good and no need to panic

Kuwait City, 27 November: Government sources confirmed that the current meeting of the Corona Emergency Committee will not make any decisions regarding the new African mutant. Reported by Al-Qabas.

The sources indicated to that the meeting today will present recommendations and reports to the Council of Ministers that include the most important regional indicators and developments of the mutated virus, through which the necessary measures and precautions will be taken to confront its entry or spread in the country.

The sources pointed out that the situation in Kuwait is good so far and does not cause panic, but the government’s efforts are mobilized to receive the third dose and adhere to the masks in the current period, not to mention the tightening of examination of arrivals from some African countries and the non-entry of those coming from the countries in which the new mutated virus is spreading.


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The most important recommendations of the Corona Emergency Committee:

  1. Comply with the requirements
  2. Emphasis on wearing masks
  3. An urgent plan for the third dose vaccination
  4. Emphasis on examining people from Africa
  5. Preventing entry to those coming from some African countries where the virus is prevalent


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