Saudi Arabia is reopening theaters and gyms and serving orders inside restaurants

20 people .. Maximum number of human gatherings in social events

Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry reopened all entertainment activities and events, theaters, indoor entertainment centers, and independent indoor games venues, or those restaurants and shopping centers, and the like, gyms and sports centers, and to provide internal ordering services decided to. Restaurants, cafes and such as Sundays, 7 March 2021 AD. Corresponding and reopening.

The ministry said in a press statement that it continues to postpone all events and parties, including weddings, corporate meetings and the like, in banquet halls and independent or hotel wedding halls, as well as breaks used for these purposes and Camps are also included, until further notice.


It maintained the maximum number of man-gatherings for social events at 20 people.

He emphasized on the continuation of the distribution of prayers for the funeral processions in the cemeteries at all times of the day, and the lack of negligence in the application of precautionary measures, preventive measures and approved protocols for all activities, to maintain the general health of society . And to protect the gains achieved during the previous period at all levels.

And he emphasized the increase in inspection campaigns during the next phase, to ensure that all individuals and establishments follow precautionary measures, and that the violators are fined.

Source: Al-Jarida

Adil Khan

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