Rouh El-Din asks the Minister of Housing about “South Khaitan”

Representative Hamad Rouh Al-Din submitted a question to the Minister of State for Municipal Affairs and Minister of State for Housing and Urban Development Shaya Al-Shaya, in which he stated, please advise me and provide me with the following:

1- What is the reason for not receiving the Southern Khaitan project from the Public Authority for Roads despite the completion of all works?


2- Who prepared and put forward a tender for infrastructure completion in the southern Khaitan region? Was he absent from the issue of the presence of rubble on some lands?

Al-Barrak and Al-Tahous among the celebrants (Photo by Nayef Al-Okla)

3- When did the institution learn of the presence of ruins on some lands? What action did she take after she became aware of this, and provided me with photocopies of the correspondences, if any?

4- What is the nature of the ruins found in the southern Khaitan region? Are there these debris on all the vouchers?

5- What is the plan by which the rubble will be removed? What is the expected period of time to complete its removal? What is the cost of removing debris and how will it be removed?

6- Has the authority studied the extent to which every citizen can bear the costs of removing the rubble of his residential plot?

7- What is the reason for not handing over building permits to citizens whose plots do not contain rubble?

8- Are there any obstacles other than the rubble that impede the issuance of building permits to citizens?

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Adil Khan

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