Romanowski: The US Embassy is ready to support artists and creators in Kuwait

US Ambassador to Kuwait Alina Romanowski affirmed that her country’s embassy is fully prepared to support creators and artists in Kuwait.

Yesterday evening, Ambassador Romanowski hosted a number of diplomats and Kuwaitis at a reception she held at her home, including a program entitled “Art in Embassies.” Among the guests were a group of ambassadors, government officials and plastic artists, and Sheikha Hanouf Al-Sabah, wife of the Foreign Minister Sheikh Ahmed Nasser.


Addressing the audience, Romanowski said, “I am pleased to share with you 17 mixed-media artworks by American artists of different backgrounds, including immigrants, Native Americans, and a number of emerging and established artists. Through the “Art in Embassies” program of the US State Department, and through this program, I had the opportunity to select these artworks by American artists and display them in my residence here in Kuwait.”

Ambassador Romanowski praised the artworks of Zahra Marwan, the Kuwaiti-born American artist whose mother and brother attended the reception, appreciating the work of an American artist with Kuwaiti roots.

She continued, “During my time in the country, I had the honor to meet many talented Kuwaiti artists who work in many artistic mediums, and I enjoyed visiting many local and historically rich museums in Kuwait, and the US Embassy is ready to support creators and artists in Kuwait.”


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Adil Khan

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