Riding vehicles is prohibited during 6 Pm to 8 Pm

Kuwait City, March 23: A security source confirmed to Al-Anbaa that any person caught while riding his car or motorbike and wandering around in the period from 6 pm to 8 Pm in the evening is seized and referred to the police station with the issue of breaking the curfew, stressing that the decision to amend the curfew and allow the practice of walking during the period from Sixth until eight in the evening, noting that it is not permissible to use vehicles or motorcycles during that period, except for those who have a roaming permit issued by the Ministry of Interior, calling on citizens and residents to adhere to the decision.

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The source confirmed that instructions were issued to patrol residential areas for this purpose.


Pointing out that the security points will spread on the highways and the entrances to the regions from 6 pm until 5 am, and will play their role in implementing the partial ban.

And on the shops, he said that all commercial activities except for those authorized, such as pharmacies, associations and restaurants will close at 6 pm, and that restaurants will not be allowed to deliver orders by hand, and only serve them to deliver orders.


Adil Khan

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