Resumption of vaccination campaigns in “malls”

Resumption of vaccination campaigns in “malls”

After it played a major role in immunization with two doses, the mobile field campaigns for vaccination resumed their work in various vital sites, where, a few days ago, they began vaccinating workers in the mosques and cooperative societies sector with the third dose.

The head of the field campaigns team at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Dina Al-Dhubaib, said, “We targeted the mosques sector in the Ministry of Awqaf in all regions of Kuwait, and we started in the Jahra region, then the Farwaniya region, as well as the Ahmadi region, and we have an ongoing field campaign in all regions, targeting 6,000 male and female employees in The mosque sector, to vaccinate them with the third dose.”


She pointed out that “workers in cooperative societies are vaccinated during the evening period, and their vaccination will be completed over a period of two weeks, according to the plan drawn up for vaccination,” noting that after that, they will move to malls and parallel markets.

It is noteworthy that the final outcome of vaccination doses in field campaigns over 7 stages in various work sites and labor accumulation, reached 270,000 doses, between the first and second.

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