Promise of a government-labor confrontation over the salary scale

Promise of a government-labor confrontation over the salary scale

The faculty’s move restores the atmosphere of what happened 15 years ago
The ambiguity of the fate of the “alternative” to address the salary discrepancy raises the ceiling of claims
– Demands rose to amend the cadres of “Applied Teaching”, health authorities, “education technology” and “disability”

Does history repeat itself?


In a move similar to what it took 15 years ago, the Faculty Members Association at Kuwait University initiated the amendment of its financial cadre, which has not undergone any amendment since that date, and its approval at that time was followed by a labor escalation to amend the salary scale in all government institutions. Will the association’s move restore the scene again, and Kuwait is witnessing a new wave of confrontations and labor escalation with the government?


The head of the faculty members at Kuwait University, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Hamoud, confirmed to Al-Rai that the amendment of the cadre of faculty members and the academic support staff at the university is in the custody of the Ministry of Finance, and that its procedures are going well.

Observers have seen that the approval of the university’s cadre of professors will lead to many demands to increase the salaries of workers in various government agencies.


In light of the rumors about the lack of liquidity and the state’s general budget deficit, and the government’s failure to provide any feasible alternatives to address the salary scale in light of the financial inflation that the country has been witnessing for years, the government’s confrontation with the labor movement has become almost certain in the coming months.

In the wake of the call by the Secretary-General of the Mobilization Movement, former MP Musallam Al-Barrak, to pass a law obligating the General Organization for Social Insurance to deduct part of its profits for distribution to retirees, and to reconsider the salary schedule for state employees, observers confirmed that unions and labor unions are preparing to take measures to confront non-compliance. The government issued a law to review the salary scale, in accordance with the requirements of increasing prices and inflation that the country has been witnessing for years.

They saw that many employees in government agencies were waiting for what the government announced within the strategic alternative, which has not seen the light since its introduction years ago, to address the discrepancy in salaries between state agencies in the salary scale, and the absence of a government strategy to address the inflation of the salary section in the state’s general budget, which It constitutes over 75 percent of the budget.


The train of financial claims was launched, after Kuwait University, from the Association of Faculty Members in the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training, which called for the amendment of the cadre of its professors and the supportive academic body, to be followed by many demands to amend the salary scale in many government agencies, as this requirement is one of the best files Which achieve sustainability for the administrative bodies in civil society organizations, as it has become a deserved requirement in light of the low purchasing power of the dinar.

The medical staff did not lose sight of the financial claims, as more than one party announced its demand to amend the financial cadre of doctors and health workers, and made it a priority for its claims, while the Education Technology Union demanded the inclusion of its members in the existing educational cadres, at a time when the demands of workers in the Public Authority for People with Disabilities are escalating to approve allowances. And amending their financial cadre, and the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs is still discussing with the competent authorities the approval of the cadre of religious jobs, through which it aspires to attract Kuwaiti cadres to work in mosques.

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