Parents are calling for education to return to ready-made private schools immediately

Kuwait News, March 29: A short while ago, a number of parents met with the Acting Director of the Special Education Department at the Ministry of Education, Dr. Salman Al-Lafi, and they presented an official letter in which they demanded that private schools that are willing and able to implement all health requirements be allowed to open their doors as soon as possible for blended education.

They expressed their fear not only about the loss of this year but that this discontinuity will continue for an unknown period, stressing that the psychological factor of the students should not be ignored, adding that: “Blended education will contribute to preparing students psychologically to return to schools in September.”

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They added, “We ask the Ministry of Education to deal with the private sector in a different way, and not to link the return of private school students to government schools, just as it did with schools for people with special needs. We also call for flexibility in the ministry’s policy towards private education and not considering the issue of education in a comprehensive manner.”

While they stressed that blended education contributes to preparing psychologically educated people to return to schools, next September, they stressed the need to grant parents the right to choose the most appropriate education system for their children, whether remotely or according to the integrated system.

Adil Khan

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