Register online to visit the church, Only limited people to the church


Kuwait News: This year’s Christmas celebrations will be limited to prayers and invitations this evening.

Due to the precautions of this pandemic only limited people to the church for prayers for this Christmas 2020 register online to visit the church

The head of a church in Kuwait addressed a local newspaper


Boutros Gharib: I sincerely pray to God that this epidemic will be lifted from the world.

Ghattas Hazeem: Kuwait has the upper hand in the bidding country and voluntary service programs, reconciliation, and peace. I pray to that God that it may be so

Emmanuel Gharib: We are conducting our worship in Kuwait freely and confidently thanks to the Government and the Kuwaiti people for this. I pray to God to get out with this pandemic.


Raymond Eid: I invite everyone to come back to God because only he can get out of this pandemic.

Gharib said Christmas celebrations at his church this year would be limited to prayers only by registering names in advance.

As always, according to the terms and conditions of the Ministry of Health, once a week he said: “Our parish children do not want gifts this year, and they have decided to give gifts to children in Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan because they need more. To help light up that pandemic.


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