New mechanism for transferring business visit visas into a work permit

Kuwait City, Sep 20: The Director-General of the Public Authority for Manpower, Ahmed Al-Mousa, revealed that it is in response to the needs of the labor market in light of the repercussions associated with the Coronavirus pandemic and to give more flexibility to the movement of labor during the pandemic period, and in implementation of the directives of the Council of Ministers in this regard, and in light of coordination between the Authority and the Ministerial Committee for Corona Emergencies. And the Ministry of the Interior, a mechanism has been approved for converting the residence of those recruited with commercial visit cards to a work residence in accordance with the provisions of Article (18) so that this mechanism complies with the decisions issued by the authority regarding the transfer of manpower from one employer to another.

On the sidelines of the meeting that took place with representatives of the Kuwaiti Federation of Owners of Private Schools and Cultural Institutes on this issue, Al-Mousa revealed that, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, an amendment has been reached to the automated systems on both sides so that work permits are issued and accordingly work permits are issued to owners of commercial visits.

This mechanism was also established on the controls in place by the authority, including obtaining the approval of the Corona Emergency Committee, and accordingly, it will be possible to convert the business visit visa into a work residence when the work permit is issued to the worker inside the country.


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He said that the approval of the aforementioned mechanism would enable the possibility of benefiting from transferring the residencies of the skilled workers who are registered on the commercial visits needed by employers, knowing that this depends on the current conditions to confront the emerging Corona pandemic.

He pointed out that ways of converting residence permits for teachers recruited under commercial visits to work permits were discussed, especially in light of the ongoing preparations for the start of the new academic year, during a meeting with some representatives of the Kuwaiti Union of Owners of Private Schools and Cultural Institutes, where they were informed of the coordination that took place with the Ministry of Interior. In this regard.


Al-Mousa stated that all the efforts of the authority are devoted to facilitating all activities operating within the private sector in order to run the state’s medical, educational, economic, and other activities in light of the current conditions of the emerging coronavirus pandemic, hoping that God will bless Kuwait with safety and security and the return of life to full normal in the near future.

Adil Khan

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