MoI is considering granting a new deadline to residency violators

Kuwait News, March 13: The Ministry of Interior is considering granting all residency violators a new grace period to adjust their status, within new terms and controls that are more streamlined than the previous deadlines, in order to achieve the intended goal. Reported by Al-Qabas.

Informed security sources told that among the proposed conditions under study are exempting all violators wishing to leave the country from the financial fines resulting from their violation of residency, while granting them the right to return again within the framework of new procedures.

She added that whoever wants to adjust his status and stay in the country must pay the financial fines due, noting that the new controls also include enabling violators to modify their status, other than the previous deadlines that prevented them from doing so during the Corona crisis before the beginning of 2020, and the amendment was limited to violators after that year only.


She pointed out that “payment of all financial fines incurred by the violator is a condition for amending his status, unless it is required by a security authority,” noting that the new decisions, if issued, will contribute to limiting the increase in the number of violators in the country. [Read Also: Minister of Finance for the retired: Good tidings the coming period]

As the sources that the number of residency violators in the country is estimated at 130,000 violators of all nationalities, they stressed the need to address the deficiencies and eliminate this phenomenon that harms the country’s reputation and indicated the prestige of the state and its official institutions .

She stated that the previous deadlines granted to violators revealed a shortcoming either in the lack of good preparation for announcing the grace period or the unsuccessful choice of the timing of the deadline granted to leave, or in defining specific categories that benefit from the grace period only , as well as the lack of strictness in pursuing violators after the end of each time to expel them from the country.

Corona revealed the seriousness of the situation

The sources confirmed that the emergence of the Corona epidemic contributed to revealing the seriousness of the conditions of violators and illegal workers in the country, especially with the partial or total imposition of a regional curfew in some governorates, which resulted in the emergence of abuses and strange behaviors.

Targeting the country’s internal security

The sources pointed out that the Ministry of Interior has begun to look differently and a new vision and strategy may bear fruit quickly in the file of residency violators, which is one of the most complex files over the past years, given its connection to the country’s internal security.

Adil Khan

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