MoI determines the mechanisms for executing orders to enter residential places

Kuwait City, Jan 23: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Ahmed Al-Mansour issued a circular to all members of the police force, in which he identified more disciplined mechanisms in executing orders to enter residential places, and in a manner that ensures the implementation of the job duties of policemen within the limits that preserve the rights and dignity of those who are subject to the seizure or inspection decision. Reported by Al-Qabas.

The General Department of Security Relations and Media at the Ministry of Interior pointed out, in a statement today, that within the framework of the Minister of Interior’s tireless efforts to rearrange the security controls related to civil liberties and rights, and based on the circular issued, the relevant Ministry of Interior employees must abide by the following:

  1. Comply with the provisions of laws, regulations and orders issued to them by the legally established jurisdictions and in accordance with the legal procedures and controls.
  2. Disclose their job capacity to the concerned persons and make them understand the nature of their mission and the legal basis for it.
  3. Show professionalism, discipline, morals and act tactfully coupled with firmness without abuse or abuse of authority, and commitment to what maintains security and order and preserves public and private property.
  4. Preserving the reputation and dignity of the job, morals, norms, customs and traditions followed in society, respecting human dignity and safeguarding public and private freedoms and human rights.
  5. Not to do any inhuman, degrading and other cruel treatment or to speak in an inappropriate manner or language.
  6. Taking into account the elderly, women, children, people with disabilities, special needs and victims, and responding to calls for relief, assistance and assistance.
  7. Not to use force except in cases of necessity, and not to resort to the use of weapons except in accordance with the legally established controls, in what is necessary to perform the duty and in proportion to the situation, after taking all possible precautionary measures and exhausting all other means.
  8. Accompany members of the women’s police, if there are families that include women or children in the place where the tasks and orders are executed.
  9. Executing tasks and orders in accordance with the requirements of these tasks without exceeding their personal, temporal, spatial or objective limits, and without prejudice to the interest of the search or arrest or the tasks assigned to them.
  10. Commitment to observe the procedural controls established by law, in particular the following controls:

• Women must be searched by a woman delegated for this by the investigator, and the search witnesses must be women.


• The dwellings should be searched during the day and after obtaining permission from those who occupy the place, and it is not permissible to enter them at night or without permission unless the investigator finds that the urgent circumstance requires that. [Read Also: Workers strike ends with a resident being referred for investigation due to his mistreatment of them]

• If there are women in the dwelling and the purpose of entry is not to seize or search them, traditions must be taken into account in their treatment, and the inspector should enable them to hide or leave the dwelling and give them the necessary facilities for this without prejudice to the interest of the inspection or the mission and their results.


Adil Khan

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