MoH is considering exempting 4 categories from institutional quarantine

MoH is considering exempting 4 categories from institutional quarantine
MoH is considering exempting 4 categories from institutional quarantine. Image Source@timeskuwait

Official sources at Kuwait International Airport revealed to Al-Qabas that the devices operating at the airport submitted new recommendations today to the health authorities, to exclude 4 new categories of institutional quarantine for those coming to the country, to be added to the previous list of exceptions, provided that they bring a PCR examination and quarantine them at home for a period of time. 14 days.

The sources said that the new categories that will be considered excluded came after monitoring several cases that arrived at Kuwait Airport, and require an exceptional situation, as some of these cases have been taken into account, explaining that these recommendations are currently being studied by the health authorities for study and approval.

The sources indicated that there is a team formed, from several ministries, first studying any cases that need an exception, and then submitting recommendations if they require that.

The new categories that Al Qabas uniquely publish include the following:

1- Kuwaiti patients who were treated at their own expense, and were not sent for treatment abroad, provided that there is a certificate indicating this from the health office in the country where the treatment is received, as these cases require special care.

2- Senior citizens who are over the age of 60 years, as some of them arrive in the country, and he is unable to move, and therefore this group needs special care.

3- Body escorts coming from abroad.

4- People with special needs who need special cares.


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