Mid-year exams..began in religious institutes

– 12 internal and external committees for institute exams and correction at the Cordoba Institute
– The atmosphere of the first test is calm… and full compliance with health requirements

This morning, the mid-year exams for the 2021-2022 school year were launched in religious institutes, where about 2,500 male and female students took the first test in the ninth, tenth and eleventh grades of secondary school, in a calm atmosphere and in full compliance with health requirements.


The Director of the Department of Religious Education, Anwar Al-Abed Al-Ghafoor, revealed to Al-Rai that 12 internal and external committees have been allocated to exams students of morning and evening institutes in coordination with the educational districts that have designated some of their schools for this purpose, indicating that the correction mechanism will take place at the main institute in Cordoba after collecting the answer boxes from all Committees.


While Al-Abd Al-Ghafoor confirmed the activation of the rapid intervention teams to ensure the application of health requirements in the institutes, the Director of the Abdul Rahman Al-Sumait Institute for Boys Sultan Al-Zoubi mentioned that about 410 students in the secondary stage were received to perform the first test in the subjects of jurisprudence, grammar, Arabic and English languages, in a calm and healthy atmosphere.

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