Labour Examination Center in Mushrif after Eid

Kuwait City, April 19: A positive step taken by the Ministry of Health by converting the Kuwait Field Hospital in the exhibition grounds in Mishref “Hall 8” as a center for examining expatriate workers, especially with the presence of large human overcrowding in some examination centers during the current period, such as the Shuwaikh and Sabhan centers, despite the ministry’s attempts to organize the entry process into them, from Through the pre-appointment reservation system on its website, but the return of civil aviation traffic to normal, and the influx of large numbers of arrivals to the country, require double health efforts in terms of conducting the necessary checks for these workers before they are authorized to reside in the country, in cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Interior.

Transforming the field hospital in Mishref into a labor examination center would contribute to accelerating the pace of completing important labor checks before granting them residency, which results in delaying the due date of imposing a fine on the expatriate, which is often borne by the sponsor, in addition to benefiting from the advantage of the hospital space Which ensures that a large number of visitors are accommodated daily, while providing breaks with air conditioning, especially at the beginning of the summer.

Long queues


Eliminating the phenomenon of long queues in examination centers in light of high temperatures appears to be very important for ministry officials, especially with the increase in the number of auditors since mid-March until the present time. It is also expected that, with the inauguration of the center, more appointments will be granted to the auditors “sponsor or delegate”. In the new center, unlike the appointments granted to them in 4 examination centers currently, which exceed 1,200 appointments per day, and it is likely to increase them after the Eid Al-Fitr holiday.

Health sources confirmed to Al-Qabas that work is underway in order to complete the center’s requirements as quickly as possible, to ensure their completion within a period ranging between 7 and 10 days, pointing out that all the contents of the field hospital are currently being transferred from the site, such as beds, equipment and medical supplies for the designated wards. For Covid-19 patients and intensive care units, to ensure they can be used in other alternative locations. [Read Also: Kuwaiti relief plane loaded with 40 tons of aid for Ukrainian refugees]

medical equipment

The sources suggested that the center would be inaugurated after the end of the month of Ramadan, especially since the center requires the provision of medical devices and equipment related to the examinations and x-rays that must be available when receiving the auditors, pointing to work to conduct electronic linkage with other centers and the Ministry of the Interior, after the completion of providing the center with the necessary medical equipment, stressing That the center will contribute to eliminating the phenomenon of labor overcrowding in examination centers over the past years.

With regard to the center’s auditors, the sources indicated that there is a study of many proposals in this regard, including receiving auditors from residents of all governorates, or limiting it to receiving auditors from specific governorates, as this will be decided within days, indicating that the employment examination center in Shuwaikh serves the residents of the two governorates of the capital. Hawalli, the Jahra Examination Center to serve the residents of Jahra Governorate, the Sabhan Examination Center to serve the Farwaniya Governorate, and the Fahaheel Examination Center to serve the Ahmadi Governorate.

Speed ​​up results

She pointed out that efforts are continuing to finalize the results of the expatriates’ examinations within a short period of time, especially with the delay of some of them and their exit after a period of up to approximately 30 days at last, such as malaria tests, pointing out that the Ministry will not hesitate to provide all services related to conducting examinations for hepatitis C and infection diseases. Hepatitis B, AIDS and tuberculosis, filaria and malaria, respiratory diseases, and trying to reduce the appearance of results as much as possible.

She added that the Ports and Borders Health Department at the Ministry is keen to complete the medical examinations for workers as soon as possible, but the increase in the number of workers in the recent period has had a role in the delay in the results of the examinations, and the large number of auditors is negatively reflected on the level of service provided to them, especially with the lack of Some of them adhere to the health requirements and appointments granted to them in advance.

Parking for auditors

The new center in Mushrif has several features, including parking spaces for the vehicles of auditors and employees, which can accommodate a large number of vehicles near it and other halls designated for Covid-19 vaccinations, as well as restrooms equipped with air conditioning, to ensure that the auditors sit in them and not wait under the sun.

Cooperation is required

The sources stressed the need for auditors to cooperate with employees to ensure that their transactions are completed in an appropriate time, as some delegates arrive at the examination centers while the labor transactions do not meet the conditions, which disrupts the process of the transaction for a matter related to the auditor, not the employee, noting that employees do not spare any effort to provide the best services to the auditors, and giving them more sound directions for the conduct of their transactions, especially since there are auditors who are not familiar with how to complete the medical examination and the timing of its results.

Reducing appointments

The sources confirmed that the inauguration of the new center, soon, will greatly contribute to reducing the appointments granted to sponsors and delegates via the website in the near term, so that they can conduct labor examinations easily and smoothly, and then wait for the results to appear, and complete the rest of the procedures with the Ministry of Interior.

One of the reasons for converting the hospital into an employment examination center

  • Huge crowding in some labor examination centers at the present time.
  • The return of air traffic to normal and the large influx of residents to the country.
  • Manifestations of queues waiting for workers for examination are not worthy of Kuwait and its reputation.

Benefits of operating a field hospital as an employment examination center

  • Accelerate the completion of important examinations for expatriates before granting them residency.
  • Avoiding imposing fines on labor sponsors as a result of delaying the granting of residency.
  • Take advantage of the hospital space in accommodating large numbers of visitors daily.
  • Availability of hospital breaks equipped with air conditioning, especially with the onset of summer.
  • Eliminating the phenomenon of long queues in examination centers in light of high temperatures.
  • Expansion of appointments for auditors (sponsors and delegates) in the new center.

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