Kuwaiti travel procedures around the world

Kuwait City, July 19: The number of countries that announced the opening of their doors to receive Kuwaiti tourists doubled during the month of July, compared to last month, after most of these countries adopted Kuwaiti decisions that do not allow the travel of unvaccinated people, in addition to the high percentage of Kuwaiti residents who received two doses of vaccinations. Reported y Al-Rai.

The red color, which was overwhelming, on the map of the countries that allow Kuwaitis to enter, has been replaced with green at the moment, as many countries have opened the atmosphere to receive tourists wishing to spend the summer vacation in their lands, provided that they are immunized, with some countries requesting a “PCR” examination (negative). For the traveler 72 hours before travel, without the need for quarantine.

Some countries and capitals kept the stone requirement for varying periods, such as Britain (10 days), Abu Dhabi, and Tunisia (5 days), and some countries are still closed to tourists, such as Iraq, China, India, and Azerbaijan.


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Adil Khan

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