Kuwaiti photographer won the largest wildlife photography competition
Image Credit: Al-Qabas

Kuwait City, Oct 14: He carries the camera over his shoulder and wanders the world armed with a passion for documentation, in pursuit of the beauty of the shot, but his scenes and stories rarely reach people.

It is the Kuwaiti photographer Majed Sultan Al Zaabi, the owner of the outstanding shots of wildlife, who was able to finally take first place in the “Wildlife Photographer of the Year” competition, in the Faces axis, through the image of “Kibande”.

Al-Zaabi expressed his happiness with this award, and said: “Praise be to God, among more than 50,000 images representing 95 countries in the world, Kibande’s image won first place in the competition in the Faces axis, in its 57th edition.”


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Majed added: “I have been participating in this competition for ten years, and every year 5 to 6 photos are nominated for me, but I was unlucky throughout that period. This year, may God help me to win the largest wildlife competition in the world.”

And he added: “The winning photo was taken in the Pound Nature Reserve in Uganda, of a 40-year-old monkey called Kibande. She was sitting with her family eating weeds, and the rain started to fall until most of the family members entered the shade, and Kibande remained to enjoy the rain, so I took a picture of her.”


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