Despite the formal referral of 8 judges to trial, the publicity of the accusations and suspicions surrounding them, and the decision to drop their immunity, in addition to the passage of 220 days after the investigation with them and others by the Public Prosecution and sensitive security bodies such as «State Security», the facts of the case so far Incomplete, because the case has been under “secrecy” for the last period.

Today, after the decision to ban publishing automatically lapsed, according to the law, Al-Qabas is publishing – according to its sources – how this case began, which was an earthquake.

The first chapters of the story were after the Ministry of the Interior announced the arrest of Bneider’s network and the Iranian accused, and after a long investigation into the case and its referral to the Public Prosecution, the first dangerous thread was revealed during the investigations, which led to all this matter.


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What is the first thread?

It was found in the investigations that one of the lawyers of the accused in the case, who later became an official accused, was working in the Ministry of Justice, specifically in a position related to the work of the courts (before he resigned and became a lawyer).


After research and investigation, it was discovered that his relationship and defense of one of the prominent defendants in the case was through his job at the Ministry of Justice, and that there was previous knowledge.

To this point, there are no lines indicating a crime, but after inspecting and examining the transporting devices, it became clear that this lawyer, who became a defendant, continued his relationship with officials in the courts who were also accused, and he has a continuous relationship with some of the accused judges in the case.

Connect a relationship


Not only that, but it was found that he linked a relationship between one of the prominent defendants in the case and the accused judges, as there are judges that revealed from the investigations that they sat with the prominent accused, and this is against the law and is subject to suspicion, and there are others who communicate and talk with them about certain cases, and others have indicated Investigations that they received gifts that are luxury vehicles.

Conflict in the millions

Investigations also revealed that there are three cases that brought judges as defendants after establishing contact between them and other parties, most notably the lawyer accused in the case who was an employee of the Ministry of Justice and his work was close to the courts, the first case related to a conflict in the millions between a major company and government agencies, while the second case concerns a famous company and a dispute. With other people, as for the third issue, it is related to real estate fraud.


Two passwords

According to the investigations, “messages” circulating with “Absher” and “God willing” between officials in the courts and accused persons were discovered, and this is not seen by the prosecution as a matter of good faith, but rather a suspicion, because the judge is considered independent, and no one answers, even if it is from a door Courtesy, and therefore his trial and punishment are obligatory, just as private sessions outside the framework of work have been discovered, which requires accountability, because members of the judiciary must be immune to these matters, so that suspicion does not enter others, and not only evidence of accusation and evidence enters, and from here he saw the Supreme Judicial Council must be held accountable in accordance with public trials.


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