Kuwait Technical College celebrates the graduation of the fifth batch

Kuwait Technical College celebrates the graduation of the fifth batch

– Meshary Ayman Boodai:
Science and knowledge are the cornerstone of building a successful society
I say to parents, thank you for trusting us
– Thanks to all the college staff for their efforts and hard work to nourish the minds of our children and develop their skills
Omar Al-Kandari: The college is one of the most influential higher educational institutions in the educational process
– Noura Ayman Boodai: Graduates have been armed to become tools of change
– Abdulrahman Al-Ajeel: Take your ambitious and open mind to the next level

In an atmosphere full of pride, pride and happiness, and under the patronage of the Secretary-General of the Council of Private Universities, Eng. Omar Al-Kandari, Kuwait Technical College celebrated the graduation of 202 male and female students for the class of 2020-2021, where 71 male and female students graduated from the specialization in sales and marketing, and 30 male and female students from the systems management specialization. And 21 students from the network design technician major, 26 students from the software applications and programming major, and 53 students from the network maintenance and security major, including 7 graduates who got an average of 4 points and 75 students who got honors.


On this occasion, the Acting Secretary-General of the Council of Private Universities, Eng. Omar Al-Kandari, delivered a speech in which he stressed that Kuwait Technical College is one of the higher educational institutions that have a great impact on the educational process.

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In turn, the Chairman of the College’s Board of Trustees, Mr. Mashari Ayman Boodai, encouraged the graduates to complete the journey of education and knowledge and not to stop at a certain limit. Science and knowledge are the cornerstones of building a successful society, “and this is what we seek to provide to achieve Kuwait’s 2035 vision.”

In his speech, he said, “We celebrate the graduation of a batch of exceptional batches that faced difficult challenges in the time of the epidemic disaster (Corona), which I consider a period during which we learned how to insist on facing difficulties for the sake of science.”


Addressing the honorable parents, he added, “I would like to thank your trust in us and your choice of Kuwait Technical College, and today we stand together with pride and pride in the success and excellence of our children, despite the difficulties and challenges we faced for them. And the high skills that qualify them to join the workforce that seeks to achieve sustainable development in our dear country.”

He continued, “My brothers and sisters, all employees of Kuwait Technical College, I extend my sincere thanks and appreciation for your efforts and tireless work to nourish the minds of our children and develop their scientific and life skills, through which we build a nation and achieve the vision of the future in them. ktech is a beautiful page in your memory, may God guide you and facilitate your affairs, and in the future you will be a source of pride for us and all the staff of the college.”

After that, Vice President for Student Affairs and Registration Noura Ayman Boodai and Vice President for Financial and Administrative Affairs Abdul Rahman Abdul Qadir Al-Ajeel said: “It is our pleasure, on behalf of the members of the Board of Trustees and all employees of Kuwait Technical College, to present to you the students of the class of 2020-2021 who have fulfilled the graduation requirements, And they deservedly earned a diploma.”


Boodai also affirmed her confidence in the graduate students’ ability to make a positive impact in society, adding, “They stand here today, realizing the value of science and knowledge, regardless of the degree they obtained and the skills they acquired, they have been armed to become tools of change. Despite the challenges imposed on them by the Corona virus, they have proven their ability to face difficult circumstances, and the dream of graduation yesterday has become a reality today.

For his part, Al-Ajeel stressed that Kuwait Technical College is entering a new phase in which it seeks to develop a number of departments and add new specializations, to meet the needs of its students by developing buildings inside the university campus, and opening a number of academic and administrative departments to serve students, as well as providing a highly qualified academic staff.

He added: “Our students have completed this journey through hard work, connecting the small pieces to get the bigger picture, and enduring difficulties to achieve a specific goal. We must take the skills we learned to the real world.” Whether you are going to university or starting your career, you have already learned to fit in with different societies and circumstances.”


The student, Khalifa Al-Enezi, gave a speech on behalf of the graduates, in which he expressed his thanks and gratitude to everyone who contributed to the educational process at Kuwait Technical College.

In his speech, he said, “When I was told to be a speaker at this wonderful graduation ceremony, I must admit that writing this speech was more difficult than any of my final exams, believe me, I never would have imagined that there would be anything more difficult than that. We have prayed for this graduation, thank you to everyone who supported us and ktech will always be where we belong.”

The student Abdulaziz Al-Mousa also gave a speech in which he said, “Today we will turn a page of life, in which there was seriousness, diligence, patience and fatigue, and we will open a new page, which will be full of success, God willing. The certificate we received is not just a piece of paper, it is the gate that It will take us to the new stage of our lives, and from today each one of us will be creative in whatever field of specialization, thanks to the Kuwait College of Technology, with its executive and educational management, large and small. Thank you to my colleagues for their efforts and diligence.”


The diversity in the ceremony was the beautiful combination that translated the integrated work between the college staff. More than 40 male and female employees participated in making the event, led by the Director of the Student Guidance Department, Ms. Nora Ali Al-Kandari, who in turn was keen to present the ceremony in the best way, to be a memory for the college students. Do not forget.

The ceremony included the distribution of graduation certificates to the graduates, and the hosting of the Miami band to bring joy and happiness to the students and the honorable attendance.

The ceremony witnessed an atmosphere of joy that smiled on the faces of the graduates and their parents present, who praised the beautiful organization of the ceremony and the college’s keenness to implement health requirements. the college.


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