Kuwait new conditions for family Visas and visits visas

Kuwait new conditions for family Visas and visits visas

Kuwait City, Nov 1: The General Administration of Residency Affairs of the Ministry of Interior circulated to the directors of its departments in the six governorates, the new conditions for issuing entry visas for expatriates to join a family and for tourist, commercial and governmental visits to nationals of 53 countries.

1. Need 500 dinars for family Visa

The decision, in this regard to the entry visas related to “Family Visa,” it is allowed to issue an entry visa to the State of Kuwait for the wife to join a family only, while children under the age of 16 can be granted entry visas to join a family and entry visas for tourism, according to the procedures and conditions the most important of which is the availability of the salary condition, which is 500 dinars, in the work permit.

The decision stipulated that entry visas should not be issued to those over 12 years of age, except for immunized persons who received one of the vaccines approved in Kuwait, which are:

  • Pfizer Piontech Vaccine “Two Doses”
  • AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine “two doses”
  • Moderna vaccine “two doses”
  • Johnson & Johnson vaccine “single dose”

A certificate confirming receiving approved vaccines must be submitted and the certificate must contain a “QR-Cle”, as this code is read by the receptionist in different departments before issuing the entry visa.

According to the decision, it is allowed to issue a family entry visa or a tourist visit visa for children.

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2. Commercial visits visas

It is allowed to issue commercial visits to all activities at the discretion of the director of the department.

3. Government visit visas

It is allowed to issue government visits to all ministries and government agencies.

4. Electronic visas

It is allowed to issue electronic visas for the following cases:

  • Kuwaiti embassies abroad.
  • Nationals of 53 countries according to the approved list.
  • Residents of the Cooperation Council countries who hold certain professions.
  • Hotels and companies registered in the automated linkage system, in accordance with the procedures in force in the Special Services Department.


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