Kuwait coordinating to manufacture vaccines in the country

Kuwait News Today, March 4: The Minister of Health, Dr. Khaled Al-Saeed expressed coordination with specialized international institutions to transfer technology for developing and manufacturing vaccines that protect against infectious diseases locally, in anticipation of any emergency, stressing that the ministry will spare no effort to facilitate the entry of drug manufacturers into Kuwait to maintain health security.

This came during a ceremony held by the Kuwait Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries Company, a subsidiary of Mezzan Holding Group, on Sunday, on the occasion of the opening of the first production line for 26 pharmaceutical products owned by Abbott Laboratories International, in implementation of the agreement to localize the manufacture of these products after a process of knowledge transfer.

Al-Saeed stressed that health security is an integral part of national security, and there are many lessons and lessons learned from confronting the Corona pandemic, the most important of which is the reliance of countries on their capabilities and local resources in case of emergency.


Meet Needs

He stressed that one of the ministry’s most important goals is to start the first step to manufacture important vital medicines in Kuwait to meet local and perhaps regional needs as well in the near future.

He added that the start of this phase is in cooperation with the American company “Abbott”, which took the initiative, in cooperation with the Kuwaiti Saudi Company for Pharmaceutical Industries, to complete this distinguished project, “and there is more cooperation and partnership with other companies to achieve the desired goal, and we will announce it soon.”

He pointed out that the decision to return (the comprehensive return of students to schools) is in the hands of the Ministry of Education, pointing out that he encourages this decision. [Read Also: Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei ordered the Erbil attack]

He explained that the Corona pandemic has not ended globally, but it is in a phase of decline, “so we live a normal life with vigilance through epidemiological investigation and monitoring the situation by unknown soldiers who examine daily in various governorates to ensure that there is no beginning of another wave,” noting that the last wave did not They were not severe in affecting the health system or the death rate, given the high rate of vaccinations in the country.

World Problem

For his part, Minister of Commerce Fahd Al-Shariaan pointed out that we are facing a global problem, and the situation today in the world is dangerous, as some of the goods on the road go to other regions.

Al-Shariaan mentioned that the sources of raw materials are prevented from exporting, and 50% of the world’s products are also prevented from exporting, and we may go through a difficult stage if we do not prepare and prepare ourselves well.

Al-Shariaan added: “We are not currently talking about high prices, but if we do not prepare and prepare ourselves, we may go through a difficult stage, but the government is always present, and bears the differences in prices that occur due to shipping or transportation and merchant prices, and it is important for us to provide basic commodities subsidized by the state. Pointing out that there will be moves during the coming period to limit the rise in prices due to global developments.

Al-Shariaan stated that the pharmaceutical production line is the first foreign investment in Kuwait of this size in the health sector, and it is the first time that an international company in this sector has localized manufacturing in Kuwait, as it will also be the first time that products that are used around the world bear the seal of « Made in Kuwait,” pointing out that “this achievement is undoubtedly an achievement for the Kuwaiti economy, as it pushes its industry and local capabilities to an international level.”

Articulated Step

In turn, the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mezzan Holding Company, Muhammad Al-Wazzan, indicated that “the pharmaceutical production line represents a pivotal step in the health sector and the local economy, and reaffirms the capabilities of the Kuwait Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries Company in manufacturing world-class products, as well as the value it adds. Our company has been linked to the Kuwaiti economy and the medical sector for more than 75 years.” 

5 continuous steps despite the pandemic receding

01- Follow up on epidemiological monitoring

02- Conducting random surveys

03- Follow-up on global health developments

04- Continuing caution and preventive measures

05- Continuing to give vaccinations and booster dose 

Partnership with America

Chargé d’Affairs at the US Embassy in Kuwait, James Holtsneider, highlighted the importance of this pharmaceutical investment in the context of bilateral economic relations between the two countries, explaining the role of the American Chamber of Commerce in facilitating this partnership and strengthening economic relations between the two countries.

Made in Kuwait

The Chairman and Managing Director of the Kuwait Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries Company, Dr. Rashid Khazal: “We have worked hard over the past eight months to prepare for this day and launch the Abbott Laboratories line of products bearing the (Made in Kuwait) label.”

“We are proud of our ability to serve people in the Middle East, and Kuwait in particular, for 60 years, and today marks a milestone in this journey through our partnership with the Kuwait Saudi Company,” said Mazen Bashir, General Manager of Abbott’s Generic Drugs Unit for the Gulf Region and Emerging Markets. For the pharmaceutical industries, to stay close to the people and communities we serve.”


Vice President for the Middle East at the American Chamber of Commerce, Steve Lotts, expressed his happiness to see this pivotal partnership progress and start manufacturing in record time, despite the challenges the world has witnessed due to the pandemic.

Adil Khan

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